People belonging to the residential sector put most of their focus on using deadbolt locks for securing their houses and apartments. They use deadbolt locks after consulting professional locksmiths. In the majority of cases, professional locksmiths suggest using deadbolt series of locks for securing main gates, as per the professional locksmith securing the main gate is the most important step taken towards a well-secured environment. Regarding deadbolt locks it mainly available in two different formats first is the single cylindric deadbolt locks and the other is the double cylindric deadbolt locks. Based on priority and location locksmith suggest what to chose out of two different types of deadbolt locks.

Columbus Locksmith suggests using a double cylindric deadbolt lock for securing the main outer gate and in a case for securing internal rooms of the house according to locksmith Columbus single cylindric deadbolt lock along with simple thumb rotating knob is sufficient. In internal rooms thumb rotating knob is fitted mainly on the internal side of the room door.