Emergency locksmith services are a lifesaver for individuals facing sudden lock repairs, lockouts, break-ins, or other serious security issues. Every property owner should have the contact information of a reliable locksmith for swift assistance. In this blog, we’ll discuss the scenarios where having a top-notch locksmith team readily available proves invaluable.

Post-Burglary Security Actions

If you have experienced a break-in, you should contact a locksmith to help correct the damage caused to the locks. Even if you can’t detect any lock damage, it’s better to be careful – contact a licensed locksmith expert right away. 24H Emergency Locksmith Toronto can enhance your security measures to prevent similar situations in the future.


Professional emergency locksmiths can correct lockout predicaments, which often occur due to lock malfunctioning, lost or stolen keys, or other common accidents. A residential or commercial emergency locksmith can use lock picks to open up your door without the original key, and perform rekeying service, which makes any lost or stolen keys unusable.

Broken Keys

If your key breaks off inside your lock, you should never attempt extracting it yourself, as this usually exacerbates the issue. An expert emergency locksmith can extract the broken key with precision, and change the core cylinder of your lock to ensure that it will function in the future and the same mistake won’t happen.

Moving to a New Home

If you move to a new house or apartment – especially a residence that has been frequently rented, you should have the locks changed by a professional locksmith. This removes the risk of people who used to have access to your property entering it, and possibly committing crimes. They recommend providing duplicate key copies to all the members of your family for maximum convenience. They can also perform this service for you directly at the location of your property.