The involvement of locksmiths in recent years within the automotive sector is increased rapidly. Locksmith act they’re in a more controlled manner to minimize security specified risk factors in a much-extended manner. Not only on public platform locksmiths also gave their contribution within the car manufacturing companies by providing them newly formed ideas regarding secure locking. Because of locksmiths, many car manufacturing companies come to the front by introducing central locking systems within the cars to define extra security to the vehicle. Central locking concept is the modern concept of locking use specifically within the vehicles in which automatic locking unlocking-based concept is included. Locksmith Silver Spring promotes a central locking system within the vehicle at a much higher level. According to them, central locking is the future of modern security within the vehicle. It acts as reducing the problems associated with the security of the vehicle at a much higher level. It is presently the best that car manufacturing companies have regarding security.