Door locks are not designed to last forever, and when they stop working as usual, it’s important to address the problem in regular interval. Homeowners have two main options for lock repair: attempting a DIY repair with tools and supplies from a local hardware store or calling a professional locksmith Myrtle Beach. While some individuals with handy skills can successfully repair locks themselves, others may prefer relying on a locksmith for a assured and proper repair, particularly if they are not sure about the necessary steps.

A malfunctioning lock can compromise residential security, emphasizing the importance of instant and effective repairs. Below are common scenarios where a lock may be broken or damaged, along with considerations for repairing it.

How to Repair a Broken Door Lock?

Repairing a damaged door lock involves identifying the issue, determining the lock kind, and then taking right steps o deal with lock problems. Here’s a common guide to help fix a damaged door lock:


Identify the particular issue with the lock. Is the key not turning? Is the knob malfunctioning? Is the lock cylinder turning without engaging the deadbolt?

Loose Door Knobs/Handles

If knobs or handles are loose, tighten the screws on the door hardware to restore proper functionality.

Misaligned Latch or Bolt

Door frames or doors can warp over time, causing misalignment with the latch or bolt. Adjust or reposition the strike plate to resolve this problem.

Key Won’t Turn in the Lock

If the key won’t turn, lubricate the lock with graphite or WD-40. If the issue persists, the lockset may require replacement, or a locksmith in Myrtle Beach can address problems with the key or lock cylinder.

Broken Key in Lock

Take out a broken key using pliers or a key extractor. If unsuccessful, seek assistance from a locksmith in Myrtle Beach to prevent further damage.

Faulty Internal Mechanisms

If internal parts are worn or damaged, replacing the entire lock may be required.

This guide is for basic problems with common household locks. More complicated systems, like digital or smart locks, often require professional servicing. If unsure or uncomfortable with DIY repairs, consider hiring a locksmith in Myrtle Beach, prioritizing safety when dealing with door locks.