A residential area is the most sensitive kind of area where security-related problems are most commonly seen on the daily basis. It is the place where people spend some quality time with their beloved ones and feel more protective against any external threat. Residential area is called as the hub of problems, as it faces the maximum number of brutal activities. Those with a negative mindset or who want to get things in a shortcut manner try to act illegally within the residential areas. They first try to bypass the security system which is primarily installed of the main gate of the house; once it gets bypassed it becomes easy for any individual to get into the property in an unauthorised manner. This is the reason locksmith professionals pay their maximum weightage in securing the main gate first and they do so by using the strongest and most advanced locking system. As per locksmith sugar land, it is so easy to bypass manual locks and this is the reason, they switch themselves to the smart locking systems.