One locksmith tool that can be very effective is the specialized bump key set. Although there are lots of techniques for making your own bump key, this is considered a highly illegitimate and suspicious activity and specialized bump key sets are sold in a highly restricted way. It can come in lots of different types for many different locks, but each one basically has all the cuts that make up the exclusive ridgeline of it, but these cuts are at their lowest level. When the proper bump key is placed in it, a bump hammer is used to strike it and energy transfers from the to the pins in the lock and bumps them. Usually a few immediate taps of the bump hammer on the same and it opens right up. The set is often used as a simple time saver by many knowledgeable locksmiths.

You may find it tempting to try these tools yourself, but only a specialized and quick locksmith should handle your locks to avoid damage and the threat of a potential burglarize. There are picking societies and competitions that people take part in to take pleasure in the thrill of picking it, but anything further could be considered doubtful and should be avoided. Now, the next time you require the services of a specialized lock technician you will have a better idea of the type of tools they may use and the way they work.