No doubt in considering that padlock series of locks is one of the best locks available present-day in the market. Such locks are serving to common people from the past many decades and even older than a century. But padlock also holds some problems, like for anyone it is easy to pick a padlock rather than any other lock. The reason behind this is quite simple. Padlock contain spring attach with the pins. These springs are responsible for the up-down movement of the pins located in the lock body. While picking such locks person with the help of a narrow metal tool can easily lift these pins by applying little upward force. Once the pins are lifted then with little rightward movement lock get easily unlocked.

Sometimes such a lock also creates a problematic situation. In response to that locksmith nyc near me always suggests deadbolt lock over any padlock. Deadbolt lock doesn’t contain any spring and that’s why the chances of getting picked are closer to zero.