Generally, it is common for all to observe the availability of three typesof locksmiths based on working capabilities everywhere. Now,dates there is a trend among people going on for hiring locksmiths based on their need not like before for every project any kind of locksmiths are getting to be hired. The most common three types of locksmiths seen everywhere are professional locksmiths, local locksmiths, and the locksmiths of independent category. Professionals are the top most category of locksmiths and second to them there is a local locksmith and in the last category in which operations are mainly involved in ground level for that independent locksmiths are there. Each of such locksmiths is hired based on the client project requirement. For big projects, clients go for professionals, for small projects local are chosen and for day-to-day maintenance independent locksmiths are mainly preferred for hire. Locksmith Rockville MD is the best example of professional locksmiths.