Locksmiths are using various locks for your home security, which include locks of manual category and electronic specification-based locking system. In the manual category,the locksmith suggests using any from padlocks, pin tumbler lock, rim mortise lock, deadbolt lock, interchangeable core lock, lever handle locks. In the electronic category of security door locks, locksmiths recommend using biometric locks, personal identification number locks, and card swipe technology locks. Both manual and electronic specification-based locks are best. Locksmith Plano Tx suggests using locks by focusing on the client’s requirements. If a person wants the best security with less budget, that case,a locksmith suggests using manual locks. Those with no limitation on the financial budget for them, locksmith use highly standardized, best quality smart locking system, in addition with a proper surveillance system.Locksmith suggests using modern locks instead of an outdated security system.